Contemporary Fireplace with Tiled-back (VFP1000)
R 20 100,00

The Contemporary Fireplace, with it's sleek design, is excellent for enhancing a modern living area. Ideal for large or open plan areas.

Contemporary Fireplace with Plain Back (VFP1100)
R 18 300,00

This Contemporary Fireplace with Plain Back will add a suave sleekness to a modern living area. Excellent for heating a large area.

Hanging Picture Fireplace (VFP511)
R 9 600,00

Heat Output: 3,6kW Gas Consumption: 0.26kg/hr on high Maximum room cpacity: 44m2 / 132m3 Minimum room size: 35m3 Plain Flat Stainless Steel Back * Installation can be as simple as drilling a hole through the wall for the gas piping … Continue reading