Have you heard that Chad-O-Chef is extending their guarantees!?

Chad-O-Chef is offering you an amazing opportunity to extend the guarantee on your product by 1 additional year!

Find out how and why in this article below.

We have launched a brand new online app which we are super excited about! This app will give our customers the opportunity to:

  1. Access all of your aftersales resources, including the instruction manual, warranties, and important product information and updates.

  2. Online storage for your very important documents & information, which you will need in case of a guarantee claim.

  3. An instant message option to chat with a Chad-O-Chef representative.

  4. And FINALLY - an amazing opportunity to extend your guarantee by a whole year! The value of this is phenomenal & all it takes is 3 simple steps that enhance your user experience:

  • Register to the Application either on your desktop or mobile device.

  • Complete the registration process by uploading your invoice & serial number.

  • Opt-In for important notifications.

Don't have a product yet? No problem - you can log onto the app and complete the registration later!

You can either use the QR Codes above or use the link: https://app.layerise.com/chad-o-chef

All Chad-O-Chef products are LPGSA accredited.

Still want to know more? Contact our friendly staff, and we will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.

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