How does the Sizzler-Hybrid Attachment work?

You've heard about the Sizzler-Hybrid Attachment, but have you actually seen how it works? The results are absolutely Mind-blowing! With the heat from the gas burners igniting your coals, you will be able to start braaing in record time.

Don't settle for less when you can braai on the best! 🔥

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Don't have an Existing Sizzler? No problem, simply purchase the 3 or 4 burner Sizzler gas Grill with the 3 or 4 burner Sizzler Hybrid & you are set!

All Chad-O-Chef products are LPGSA accredited. See the brochure here.

Still, want to know more? Contact our friendly staff, and we will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.

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