The Midnight Mirror Range Extension (NEW)!

With its ability to withstand heat, timeless visual appeal & protective outer layer, stainless steel is a must-have for most home-owners.

Trends find a way of moving forward, and we require advances to suit our evolving design palette.

We now expand our world of Midnight-Mirror Stainless Steel!

Blue and orange flames double as they are reflected off an almost liquid, midnight blue-black surface. The flames take centre stage, compelling the eye.

What is Midnight Mirror Stainless Steel?

Midnight Mirror Stainless Steel starts as traditional stainless steel, which consists of iron, chromium, silicon, nickel & carbon. It also includes a protective anodized layer of blue-black pigment in the top layers of the steel. This option is just as high quality & as durable as the regular stainless steel that we all know.

With its premium finish, Midnight Mirror Stainless Steel appliances offer a premium look. Play with the light and texture of your home and improve the overall look, mood, and feel.

Now available as optional backings at Chad-O-Chef:

Picture Fireplace; Classic Fireplace & Contemporary Fireplace.

Not Forgetting our:

Flameline 800; Flameline 1200 & Flameline 1600

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