Choosing your Built-In ENTERTAINER BRAAI

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The Built-In Entertainer Braai is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast's patio! The elegant stainless steel housing provides the perfect setting for your Chad-O-Chef grill. With a large variety of features however, it can feel a tad overwhelming when choosing the right option. We are here to help with that!

Some special features come standard with every Entertainer you pick, such as:

  • Light fitting

  • Coin lock access

  • Stainless steel

  • Bottom door can be doubled up as a work surface

And some rules never change, such as:

  • Never close the door while cooking or while it is still hot

  • Never fully cover the cooking area with a solid plate

  • Only use stainless steel approved cleaners

  • Always have certified installers do the job

Other features are optional, allowing you to get an Entertainer to suit YOUR patio.

Here we have 3 very important things to consider:

Natural Draught refers to a chimney system that offers the natural ventilation of smoke, without the use of an electric extraction fan. This option is usually chosen when the patio is in an outdoor, well ventilated area.

Forced Draught refers to a system that needs to have the smoke forcibly removed with the means of an electric extractor fan. This option is usually chosen for a closed patio or when a normal chimney cannot be installed. Extra components will need to be purchased with the Forced Draught system, in order to customize the amount of flue pipes or bends you may need.

This is a very important decision, and will play a role when deciding where to install it. As you will see in the images above, the shapes of the built-in boxes differ, and therefore this cannot be changed or upgraded at a later stage, so choose wisely!

The size of the Entertainer is your second consideration. This decision will be greatly influenced by available space, preference and budget. Make sure to look at the drawings carefully, and remember that the Entertainer Built in Braai's are not to be retrofitted. So you will always need to install it before finishing up the building work.

Lastly, but certainly not least is the choice between the Standard option and Deluxe option.

The Standard option includes a warmer tray above the grill.

The Deluxe option includes a rotisserie above the grill. The rotisserie is electrically powered, with a switch inside the entertainer to turn it on and off. This will need to be wired in by the electrician along with the light.

The only real question here is will you use it & will it be worth the extra bit of money?

All Chad-O-Chef products are LPGSA accredited, read our brochure or instruction manual here.

Still want to know more? Contact our friendly staff, and we will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.

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