The Extraction System made easy!

Always make sure all the foundations are there, and allow the technical bits to come later.

Here I will be building the system from the bottom to the top with you!

1. The Braai

The Braai is the starting point, and depending on which braai is selected, this can have an impact later on when deciding the following:

2. The Extractor Hood

The Extractor Hoods are the base of your entire system. This is the funnel that collects the smoke and filters it up.

  • The Hood comes in 4 standard sizes: 1m; 1.2m; 1.5m; & 1.8m. Select a hood slightly bigger than your braai.

  • The Hood is available with a top exit or rear exit.

  • Forced Draught Entertainers do not need an Extractor Hood. They are already designed with a built-in hood.

  • Every Hood includes a light fitting.

  • The distance from the top of the braai, to the bottom of the hood, must be 600mm - 700mm. It will not work efficiently if the hood is higher than this.

3. The Ducting & Ducting Accessories

The Ducting is the pipe that travels from the hood to the exterior. The smoke travels through these pipes and is removed from the room. There are various types, sizes, and accessories available to ensure that it is perfectly customized to each client's needs!

This is where the system can start feeling complicated, and we will cover this in a separate blog post. For now, just take note of a few important facts:

  • A gas braai requires a minimum of 1meter of ducting.

  • A Chad-O-Chef Hybrid Grill requires a minimum of 2meters of ducting.

  • A wood braai is not compatible with our extractor systems.

  • Bends, as well as flexible ducting, are available for various applications.

4. The Extractor Fan

The Extractor Fan fits externally, right at the end of the ducting. This is what powers your whole system, making it absolutely necessary.

All the previous points will affect your decision of which fan to choose, but if you are not entirely sure - just ask one of our friendly consultants for their help!

Here are some basic guidelines to work with:

  • XFAN250 - Suitable for 1000mm hoods only & with ducting 2m or less & with a maximum of 1 bend.

  • XFAN315 - Suitable for 1000mm hoods that exceed the above specifications. Suitable for most 1250 & 1500mm hood applications.

  • XFANKD315 - Suitable for 1800mm hoods & the smaller hoods by design.

N.B. The Extractor Fan & Optional speed control MUST be installed by an electrician. The Speed-Control is recommended but can be replaced with an on-off switch to save costs.

5. Weather Protectors

The Weather Protector protects the fan & prevents rain from entering into your flue. Only 1 of the following should be selected:

  • Dome 500 - Suitable when the fan is facing upwards. Most commonly used.

  • Damper - Suitable when the fan is horizontal.

  • Louvre - Used when the fan is installed within the wall. The Louvre will cover up the gap on the outside wall.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, Our staff are here to help. This doesn't need to be difficult for you!

All Chad-O-Chef products are LPGSA accredited, read our brochure or price list here.

Still, want to know more? Contact our friendly staff, and we will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.

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