The Extraction System made easy (Part 2)!

Putting together your flue pipe (ducting)

To recap, in Part 1 of this series we spoke about the ducting & ducting accessories briefly:

“3. The Ducting & Ducting Accessories

The Ducting is the flue pipe that travels from the hood to the exterior. The smoke travels through these pipes and is removed from the room. There are various types, sizes, and accessories available to ensure that it is perfectly customized to each client's needs! This is where the system can start to seem complicated, and we will cover this in a separate blog post. For now, just take note of a few important facts:

· A gas braai requires a minimum of 1meter of ducting.

· A Chad-O-Chef Hybrid Grill requires a minimum of 2meters of ducting.

· A regular wood or charcoal braai is not compatible with our extractor systems.

· Bends, as well as flexible ducting are available for various applications.”

So, let's talk about how to choose your ducting appropriately!

1. Straight Ducting

  • ‘DUCT STR. 200 SQ’ is our most used duct. It is straight, square, and stainless steel. It is available in 3 lengths (320mm; 400mm & 1250mm).

  • These ducts fit directly onto the hood & the motor without the need for joiners.

  • In order to extend a square duct (by joining 1 duct to another duct), you do need a joiner.

2. Joiners

Joiners come in different forms:

  • 'Elbow 90 Deg 200 SQ’ This connects 1 square duct to another in the form of a 90 Degree angle.

  • ‘Elbow 45 Deg 200 SQ’ This connects 1 square duct to another in the form of a 45 Degree angle.

  • Coupling 200 SQ’ This connects 1 square duct to another, continuing in a straight line.

Hint: the more angles you use, the more you slow down your airflow.

3. Wall Brackets

  • Wall Brackets are used for additional support, by connecting the duct to the wall.

  • This is not always necessary because sometimes the building work is already supportive enough.

  • If in doubt, take a pair for good measure. They are inexpensive & you can never have too much support.

4. Flexible Ducting

Flexible ducting ‘Duct Flex D250 round P/M’ is used in the following instances:

  • When the ducting will be installed inside of a long chimney.

  • When the chimney is already existing and is not completely straight.

Flexible ducting is made of aluminum and is unsightly. For this reason, it can only be installed into a chimney or something similar. It cannot be exposed in the way that the square ducting can.

That being said, it is easier to work with, as you can manipulate bends easily and it works out cheaper when using a lot of it.

When using Flexible ducting you will need to adhere to the following rules:

  • Flexible ducting can be cut to size for your requirements.

  • Coupling SQ 200 to RND 250 is a square to round fitting. You will need to purchase 2 of these every time you use flexible ducting (1 for each side).

  • 2 x square ducts will be needed whenever you have flexible ducting. This connects the square to round fitting to the hood & extractor fan.

  • Wall brackets are recommended for flexible ducting installations. They are used at the top to snugly secure everything to the inside of the chimney.

5. Mock Flue

A Mock Flue is for design purposes only & not always necessary. This is quoted & cut according to your specifications. We can only quote and cut accurately once the extractor hood is installed and accurate measurements have been taken.

Now you have all the tools to start building your system!

ALWAYS REMEMBER, Our staff are here to help. This doesn't need to be difficult for you!

All Chad-O-Chef products are LPGSA accredited, read our brochure or price list here.

Still, want to know more? Contact our friendly staff, and we will assist you with all of your queries. Or find a dealer in your area to purchase a unit.

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