The Alfresco Festivo Pizza Oven is the largest mobile wood burning pizza oven available anywhere in the world! Tried and tested by small restaurants, lodges and guest houses.


The Festivo oven bakes 3-4 large pizzas at a time. Superior heat absorption and retention ensures a quick turn-around time. A very large opening and interior cooking space, grants the chef unlimited cooking experiences. This oven can also be enjoyed at homes with large families or the regular home entertainers.


Outside Diameter: 1100mm wide x 1030mm deep
Inside Diameter: 900mm
Height: 750mm
Weight: 150kg
Standard Chimney: 800mm


Al Fresco Festivo mobile stand

Outside dimensions: 1120mm wide x 1155mm deep
Height: 1040mm
Weight: 60kg


*The Al Fresco Festivo wood burning pizza oven comes with a Door, Stainless-steel chimney, Utensils and  Quality Thermometer

Festivo - Pizza Oven

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