The MeatStick

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Chad-O-Chef - Lifestyle Products are the proud distributors of The MeatStick nationally in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Revolutionize your cooking with the MeatStick X!

Allow your MeatStick to monitor the internal & ambient temperatures of your dish with real-time updates to your cellphone app!
Never under or overcook your meats again!!!  


The MeatStick X is a wire-free meat thermometer designed specifically for the braai, reaching distances of up to 8Om in an open space.  It is designed to tolerate the harsh cooking environments from you braai, smoker, rotisserie, oven, stop-top, sous-vide and even deep fryers.  ​

  • 24 + hours per charge

  • Bluetooth range of up to 8Om (in an open space)

  • Max internal temperature of 100 Deg C & ambient temperature of 300 Deg C

  • No Wires! Just bluetooth.

  • Waterproof & dishwasher safe.

  • Easy to use App with real-time notifications.

  • Perfect results, every time!

  • R1690.00 with FREE DELIVERY!